I don’t know how to live this life. I walked into a cathedral to see if they had it right.

But it didn’t feel any different.

The seats are heated but the room is much colder. I’m staring at a statue of Jesus with a gold cross on His shoulder.

That could have fed the poor.

I had to be quiet as I walked through the door, sneaking past the Holy water because I still don’t know what that’s for.

I just sat down in this pew trying to lift up a prayer but my sinful world from outside these walls sat next to me and pulled up a chair.

I can’t escape this.

The room is big and under renovation, I just don’t know how a church can take a vacation.

It seems to me like they are just adding more decorations, but please excuse me if I walk past the box asking for donations…

and I don’t slip any money in.

I’m just tired of these churches telling me of the way that I sin.



I keep tossing and turning, getting anxious.

I keep struggling with all of the sinful thoughts that I can’t quit,

Feeling down when I see all of these girls that I can’t get.

So I turn to another source,

Fulfilling this hole of loneliness with things behind closed doors.

It never lasts of course,

But when I’m tempted it seems like this lust is coming out through my pores.

I hate falling to the thing that is one of the leading causes of divorce.

It seems like the harder I try the harder satan tries to get me;

Listening to his lies I know hes trying to trick me.

But that’s filthy,

Just talking to girls I feel guilty.

They say things like, “Oh, Alex you are so sweet.”

Yet little do they know about the secrets that I keep.

The Girl of My Dreams

I saw the girl of my dreams today,

She is so godly she makes me fall on my knees and pray,

“Lord make me a better man for her, cause right now I feel like a piece of dirt.

She’s on fire and that kind of desire makes know that she’s a girl that I should inquire.

Not like a prize, but a as daughter as the way she is seen in Your eyes.”

It’s hard not to judge a book by its cover, but if love was based solely on appearance, then I think I would love her.

Plus, she is so bold she opens Your book and does what Matthew 28:19 told,

and with her, I would love to proclaim the good news of the Gospel until I grow old.

She has more than all of the qualities I want in my future wife,

and with her I could spend the rest of my life.

So Lord, I’m a man coming to the Father asking for His daughter as my request.

If you say no I understand, because your princess deserves only the best.


Who Am I?

Who am I that Christ should use me?

Who is He that He wants to use me?

I’m a man full of sin and wrong doing

While He is a God that simply spoke the earth into being.

I’m nothing but a hypocrite,

Telling people that I do one thing and then act completely different.

I try to act as like I have it all together, yet when no one is looking I’m living in sinful pleasure.

I feel bad that I try to lead others when I can’t lead myself,

It’s like I put away my morals when I put His word back on my shelf.

Telling these people how God has been moving in my life, but going back to my room and living in lustful strife.

Yet, God didn’t put me here to be free of sin,

He put me here on earth to praise and follow Him.

So He is a God that is forgiving, poured mercy on us all so we could have eternal living.

I owe Him my all never turning back, and He will walk with me and fill in where I lack.

So even when I think I’m unworthy,

He says, “Be still, I will make you holy.”


Feeling crappy when I stop and think where I’ve been,

It feels like I’ve been spiraling downwards.

I keep looking back at my past not looking forwards.

Christ saved me from the sin but I keep going to it,

All of these voices in my head tell me not to, I say screw it.

I’m living like a heathen but keep on forgetting that Christ is the reason that I’m even breathing.

I fall to His feet begging Him to take it away,

He says, “My Grace is sufficient now and everyday.”

I’m so caught up in the guilt that I feel broken.

That’s when I turn to His book and read what He’s spoken.

“I’m more than a conqueror”—Romans 8:37,

But yet I feel like this sin will keep me out of Heaven.

If I had one wish it would be that I could be set free,

But then I realize that happened when Jesus was nailed to the tree,

He died and rose from the grave, freeing me from this sin,

No longer I’m a slave.